Salvador Dueñas

Digital Strategist

Salvador Dueñas is Digital Strategist at Future Founders. In this role, he manages our digital efforts across the organization, positioning us for success in a growing web and mobile environment. Sal also supports our middle and high school students through instruction and program strategy.

Previously, Sal was Senior Instructor & Program Lead, helping develop, implement, and evaluate our youth entrepreneurship programs for middle and high school students in Chicago.

Sal is an experienced technology professional, having co-founded and consulted for a handful of Chicago startups. Sal brings a commitment to design and innovation with a passion for leveraging technology to solve problems in our world.

Outside of Future Founders, Sal is the founder of Prairy, an app that lets you stay in touch with local conversations by using geo-location technology to create a group chat with your city or neighborhood.

Sal started working for Future Founders as an Instructor over two years ago and has been promoted to roles with greater responsibility because of his passion and talent.

Sal has a strong belief in making entrepreneurship more accessible by investing in youth and inclusion so we can drive economic growth through unique and impactful businesses.