Future Founders Announces Spring 2019 Residency Cohort

Future Founders, a non-profit organization that believes every youth can become an entrepreneur, today announced the 23 entrepreneurs from 19 companies who were selected to participate in its Spring 2019 Residency Cohort.

The Residency Cohort is the second phase of our innovative early-stage accelerator serving 18 to 30-year-olds across the country. The Cohort kicks off today with a two-day Summit in Chicago that gives founders an opportunity to network with peers, to connect with entrepreneurial thought leaders, and to build skills through leadership development workshops. Following the Summit, Cohort members will have access to one-on-one mentoring with entrepreneurs, peer mentoring with Future Founders alumni, and monthly Mastermind sessions.

Residency Cohort members were selected from the 41 founders who participated in the Chicago and National versions of our Residency Bootcamp, the first phase of the program. The Residency Bootcamp is an experiential workshop series that exposes participants to the lean startup methodology, taking them from ideation to the launch of their own businesses.

“The Spring 2019 Residency Cohort members demonstrated tremendous drive, traction, and entrepreneurial intentionality in launching their businesses during our Bootcamp,” said Scott Issen, President & CEO, Future Founders. “We’re thrilled to provide these talented Residents with more resources to grow as founders and build sustainable companies.”

The Residency in Chicago is made possible through a generous grant from the Blackstone Inclusive Entrepreneurship Challenge, which is sponsored by the Blackstone Charitable Foundation, World Business Chicago, and ChicagoNEXT. The National Residency is supported by Google.org.

Congratulations to the Spring 2019 Residents and their businesses:

Babycorps, IL
Founder: Amiracle Harris
Babycorps is a subscription box that educates and guides youth ages 6-10 through the world of entrepreneurship and business ownership.

Bar Link, IL & MO
Founders: Jacob Dawson & Nicholas Stranquist
Bar Link helps college students find the best bars near them.

CareerQuo, Inc., IL
Founder: Khaled Selman
CareerQuo, Inc. is an on-demand social video platform designed to allow students and jobseekers to connect to professionals of their choice for purposes of mentoring and career discovery.

DiaTech Diabetic Technologies LLC, FL
Founder: John Wilcox
DiaTech Diabetic Technologies is a medical device company that applies empathy towards creating innovative therapies for patients with diabetes, worldwide.

Discovering Language, IL
Founder: LeDonna Jackson
Discovering Language provides resources that empower people to engage with languages and cultures outside of their own.

G.I.D Helpers, NC
Founder: Nnamdi Okoro
G.I.D Helpers is an online on-demand task platform the connects users to college freelancers in their local area.

H&H Headwear, IN
Founder: LaPorsche Jymi
H&H Headwear believes that haircare and headwear should go hand-in-hand. Their satin lined hats provide that exact experience and they’re also customizable to highlight the things that add to your purpose in life!

Founder: Kristen Sanders
HALT Co. is a wellness meditation app and online community that features diverse content creators and topics, along with local coupons to encourage interpersonal interactions.

Hear Space, IL
Founder: Ashley Villarreal
Hear Space is an app that builds support systems and connections by matching people ready to start a conversation about life challenges and hardships.

Ninety6, MI
Founder: Ashton Keys
Ninety6 is a fashion company that provides high quality, highly visible, and accessible products manufactured in the USA.

Phoebe Jon, MA
Founder: Manyaqi Wang
Phoebe Jon is a direct-to-consumer female workwear brand that takes the work out of dressing for work.

Powerhouse Coffee, IL
Founder: Lukas Garza
Powerhouse Coffee is an individually packaged organic instant coffee with 20 grams of plant-based protein. Easily stir it into a mug with hot water or shake it up in a reusable bottle with cold water for hot or cold brew wherever you are.

Pun Dulce Studio, IL
Founder: Gabriela Pedroza
Pun Dulce Studio is a design company specializing in special event stationery, calligraphy and paper design. They connect people across the country or across the street with special correspondence that represents you.

Rootless Media LLC, IL
Founder: Corey Heinlein
Rootless Media is an AI consultancy. They use technology to optimize and automate small business processes, aligning business owners with purpose-driven work and the ability to compete at scale.

R6 Industries, GA
Founder: Kyle Dymanus & Safia Siddiqui
R6 Industries is a healthcare data platform for disasters. They identify and track medical needs of evacuees so they can get care when they need it most.

Founder: Alexandre Medeiros & Samuel Padilla 
STEVEN helps international students adapt to the U.S. culture and system through online videos and mentorship.

Troquer, IL
Founder: Sairaj Patil
Troquer is a bartering platform where startup personnel and entrepreneurs can exchange the skills they’re good at for the expertise they need.

Viet-Impact Coffee, IL
Founder: Alan Phung
Viet-Impact Coffee is a beverage company that seeks to bring the American consumer delicious and strong Vietnamese coffee in a bottle.

Virtual Time Capsule, IL
Founder: Caleb Damler & Robbie Glaser
Virtual Time Capsule is an online platform that allows anyone to easily preserve and share their memories for future generations.

Future Founders invites you to take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey. Applications are now open for the Fall 2019 Residency Bootcamp, which will run from September to November. Contact Tina Hrabak for more information.