Future Founders Appoints Motorola Solutions Executive to Board of Directors

Future Founders, a non-profit organization that believes every youth can become an entrepreneur, today announced the appointment of Heidi Hattendorf to its Board of Directors.

Heidi Hattendorf is the Director, Business Innovation & Transformation at Motorola Solutions. In this role, she leads a company-wide digital transformation which simplifies offer structures to deliver a better customer experience and improve business intelligence. She previously held roles transforming the approach to Talent Development; Innovation Development to create an Idea Management platform and Incubator; and Product Management roles across several technologies. Heidi lived and worked in Spain and the UK for over a decade to develop solutions in the cellular phone industry and mission critical public safety. She was named by Diversity MBA in the Top 100 leaders and in Top 40 Women in Innovation by Front End of Innovation. She was also featured in the Chicago Tribune’s Blue Sky Innovation. Heidi has an MBA from Northern Illinois University and holds two patents. She is a leader of the Women’s Business Council at Motorola and on the board for the non-profit Future Founders and Editorial board for the IL Diversity Council.

“We are honored to have such a talented champion and friend as Heidi join our Board. Heidi brings a wealth of knowledge, a passion for mentoring our students, and a contagious energy that inspires us to magnify our impact,” said Scott Issen, President & CEO, Future Founders. “Having a respected leader from our founding sponsor, Motorola Solutions, join our Board ensures we have the talent and support necessary to grow.”

“Future Founders’ mission is completely inspiring — empowering youth to create their own opportunity. It’s an incredible way to invest in talent, grow businesses and multiply success,” said Hattendorf. “I am most excited about seeing the young entrepreneurs pursue their passions and create enterprises to improve our community locally and nationally.”

Motorola Solutions Foundation is the founding sponsor of Future Founders, supporting our full portfolio of youth entrepreneurship programs from middle school to college and beyond.