Monika Black

Growth Coach

Monika Black is a Growth Coach at Future Founders. In this role, she works with our Future Founders Residency program and provides intensive coaching to our millennial founders.

Monika, MA, MHA, PHD is a certified coach, experienced consultant, and dynamic leader who brings an intense passion and authenticity to her work.

Coaching with her is about going in, finding your individual truth, distilling it, and ensuring that everything you do, every day, in all things is imbued with your truest essence. As the Pure Performance Coach for TandemSpring, Monika guides clients to understand who they really are, at the core, and therefore the ideal of who they ultimately aspire to be. This isn’t about next steps, promotions, or milestones, it is about finding final ultimate forms and operating in your most authentic leadership. When working with Monika nothing but the very pinnacle of performance, accountability, and truth is achieved and maintained.

If you want to get to your next level, read a book. If you want to get to your final destination, challenge yourself to perform purely.

Monika’s passion projects include elevating the next generation of women leaders and empowering women to engage in finance.