Mohit Bathija

Growth Coach

Mohit Bathija is a Growth Coach at Future Founders. In this role, he works with our Future Founders Residency program and provides intensive coaching to our millennial founders.

Mohit is an angel investor and the Founder/CEO of a soon to be launching company in the media and advertising space. After graduating from The Ohio State University, he started his career in the consumer products industry with various finance, strategy, and marketing roles at Procter & Gamble (most notably working on the company’s purchase/integration of Gillette). He then decided to follow his passion and transitioned into the sports/media/entertainment world after getting his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Projects/roles included those with the City of Sacramento (working to get the Sacramento Kings a new arena), a sports investment bank called Moag & Company (working on Michael Jordan’s purchase of the Charlotte Bobcats – now Charlotte Hornets), and the National Basketball Association (working on the League’s television/radio deals, blackouts, and international expansion). Mohit started angel investing as part of the HBS Angels Group in New York and continued to invest after moving to Chicago. He has invested in 9 companies (2 in New York, 1 in L.A.,and 6 in Chicago) thus far in areas ranging from sports analytics to online eye exams.