Future Founders Foundation
do something bold
We inspire youth in Chicago to explore and practice entrepreneurship.
do something bold
We offer innovative programs to help students experience entrepreneurship first-hand.
do something bold
Join us as we empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.
do something bold
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lemonade day chicago

We teach elementary and middle school students about entrepreneurship by helping them start their own lemonade stands.

connect to the future

We connect middle and high school students with mentors to help them explore various career opportunities and develop skills for success.

future founders

We encourage high school students to become entrepreneurs, work for entrepreneurs, or bring an entrepreneurial spirit to corporations.

  • Fox 23 Interview May 2014

    FOX 32 News Highlights Future Founders Foundation

  • First Annual Best Tasting Lemonade Competition

    Lemonade Day Chicago 2013

our impact

We inspire underserved youth to explore new careers and connect them with successful mentors from various professions.  Since 2005, we’ve served over 22,500 students.

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We offer a number of easy ways to participate in our organization. Find out how you can support our efforts today.